Our Story

Highland Tactical Solutions, LLC, incorporated in 2007 and was focused on firearms training and sales. The founder, Michael Nelson, was the only employee and ran all training in addition to firearms sales. Our objective was to train customers to be safe and effective with their firearms, and to provide guns at reasonable prices for our students. We started to expand our offerings and do on-line sales in 2010.

Today, we have grown into a company, which offers a diverse array of classes ranging from the concealed handgun permit class, to advance weapons tactics and training, to NRA Certified classes. Our staff includes NRA Certified Instructors, Chief RSOs, and a Training Counselor. The three primary instructors all have a law enforcement background, and are very experienced in firearms training. We offer Adaptive Shooter classes for customers with disabilities, and all-women’s classes as well. We offer adventure team-building activities for corporations and organizations, including problem solving and communications’ improving events. We are also introducing this year an advanced class called Critical Situation Response (CSR), which is for advanced, motivated students to learn skills designed to increase survival of themselves and others in active shooter, and terrorist involved situations.

We plan a number of new initiatives that will expand training and sales operations. We expect to expand our training staff by two and include another firearms sales position in 2017. Our outdoor adventure offerings are being expanded to include orienteering, tracking and sign reading, precision rifle course, night vision (IR and thermal) uses and limitations, wilderness survival, and so much more. Be sure to check back often to see what new offerings are available!

Jeff Thomas – Senior Instructor / Chief RSO

PA State Police trained Municipal Police Firearms Instructor. Trained with a Pa SWAT team. Instructor for 10 PA police departments. PA police officer since 1989. NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. Law enforcement 3 gun competitor.

About Highland Tactical Solutions, LLC

Michael Nelson – Chief Instructor / Training Counselor / Chief RSO 

Michael has been shooting guns since he was 8 years old. He was a law enforcement officer for 11 years, functioned on the tactical team, and was a firearms instructor. He is a NRA Training Counselor, Certified Instructor, and Chief Range Safety Officer. He shoots 3-gun competitions, and enjoys hunting and long-range rifle shooting, camping, RVing, music, and reading. While not working at the gun business, Michael is an archaeologist and runs a consulting company.

Jim Morris – Senior Instructor / Chief RSO

Jim has been shooting and training with firearms for over 45 years.  His association with public safety dates back to the beginning of the 1980's with certifications in firefighting, EMS and law enforcement; culminating in over 22 years as a police officer and Chief.  Jim’s law enforcement experience includes undercover work, special emergency response and emergency management coordinator.