Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit

This class exceeds the requirements set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia to obtain your Concealed Handgun Permit. 

Critical Situation Response (CSR)

The CSR class is for those citizens who want more advanced training in how to respond to life-threatening critical situations. It includes classroom and practical training, covering tactical awareness and signs of impending trouble.

Adventure Team Building

From white water rafting, to zip lines and obstacle courses, we can provide experiences that build team cohesion and problem solving. 

Welcome to Highland Tactical Solutions, LLC

 The three primary instructors all have a law enforcement background, and are very experienced in firearms training. We offer Adaptive Shooter classes for customers with disabilities, and all-women’s classes as well. We offer adventure team-building activities for corporations and organizations, including problem solving and communications’ improving events. We are also introducing this year an advanced class called Critical Situation Response (CSR), which is for advanced, motivated students to learn skills designed to increase survival of themselves and others in active shooter, and terrorist involved situations.